Staff Augmentation or subcontracting refers to the outsourcing of manpower on a skill set requirement basis, or even a project completion basis for a limited period of time. Staff Augmentation is thus a very pivotal factor pertaining to any business, when a dynamic need of skilled staff or team for a limited period of time is observed.

Aguila provides IT staffing services, by the means of which temporary as well as long term staffing of employees can be done by the requisite firm manager. IT staff augmentation keeps a flexible effective workforce in hand while staffing through difficult times.

Staff Augmentation

Benefits of teaming with Aguila for IT staff augmentation along with excellence of the staff include

  • Time: Easy and fast movement of the resources which is also time efficient
  • Payroll processing is not needed for the IT staffing services, for staff augmentation
  • IT staff augmentation is an easy way to recruit skilled labour / staff. No advertisements or attracting potential staffs is required. All the aspects are covered by the expertise of Aguila.
  • Costs: The maximum benefit of staff augmentation and IT staffing services lies in the costing factor. The expenses on
    Other benefits
    Taxes, perks
    Human Resources
    Staffing etc are all curbed because of staff augmentation
  • Aguila has a pan India presence in IT staffing services and staff augmentation.
  • Our technological prowess and business sense give us the edge to understand your needs, and provide you with the best staff augmentation facilities.
  • Well trained staff, in both soft skills and technical expertise
  • Onsite / Offsite management
  • Data security assurance.
  • Redirects resources from non-core activities to building competitive strength.
  • Gain a fresh perspective, and new, innovative ideas.